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Hi lovely people, 

Starting on Thursday, I’m taking a holiday for two weeks. Visiting a tropical island with my girlfriend for some much needed rest and relaxation. During that time, there will be no comic updates and I will be unable to answer asks. Please exercise self-care during this period and take good care of yourselves. Remember that you can always go to the resources page for help when you need it. 

Stay strong, beautiful people. You are all wonderful and you are worth fighting for. 

All my love, 

Khale xox


I knew exercise would be good for my mood. Exercise is good for you! But we couldn’t trust me to set the pace for our jogging, because when I start running, I just want to go hard and fast until I’m ready to pass out. My girlfriend is much better adjusted, so we let her set our pace. She saw this as something fun and social we could do together, but as she chatted to me during our jog, I wasn’t even listening. All I could hear was my brain telling me to run. 

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