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Today I am giving myself a medal. Every day this week I have gotten out of bed, gotten ready and gone to work. Every day I have eaten at least once. Every day I have tried to eat at least twice. Almost every day I have remembered to look after the cats. 

This may sound like a terribly pathetic little list of achievements, but every day I have wanted to curl into my smallest ball of misery and just wait to expire. I have lived sleep-to-sleep. Everything has seemed like the most colossal effort, and I am so exhausted by the time I make it from bed to the kettle. But I have still done the bare minimum, and regardless of what anyone says, regardless of how messy the house is, regardless of how much everything else is falling apart… for that incredible effort of sheer will, I feel like I deserve a freakin’ medal. 

For anyone else who has had a week like this, here is a medal for you. Be proud of yourself. 

personal medal

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  9. candleinabox said: I am proud of you :)
  10. chima1675 said: I know I’m just a random tumblr stranger, but I am rooting for you SO hardcore right now, and I am so, so proud of you. I know it can be hard, but just try to remember that there are a bajillion people out here who think you’re totally rad :)
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    Gonna +1 that medal, and give you a brofist as well. That’s actually a lot to be able to do when you’re swimming around...
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    Thanks! This is awesome.
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