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Resource directory for EDs, self harm, depression and suicide

The following is a (by no means exhaustive) quick reference quick to resources and help I’ve mentioned at various times on this blog and in IDNHAED. For future reference, this directory can be found on my front page (below the IDNHAED comic directory). Please feel free to submit any other resources you come across via my Askbox. 

Stay well and look after yourself <3

All my love, 

Khale xox

IMAlive - online chat for people contemplating suicide who aren’t up to talking on the phone - Please note, I’m currently investigating this service, as I have received word that they may be affiliated with extreme religious groups. If you have any information on this, please contact me. - online chat for people contemplating suicide who aren’t up to talking on the phone

Suicide support phone lines in various countries

Alternative strategies to avoid self harm

More coping strategies for self harm

A printable list of copies strategies for self harm

Coping strategies when triggered to binge or starve

Eating disorder recovery tips

Useful reading list for ED sufferers (not extensive)

Confronting someone you love about their ED

Supporting someone with an ED

Helping someone with an eating disorder - online brochures

The Thoughts Room - a tool for discharging pent up emotional energy through text

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