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I’ve been having some pretty intense internal arguments about whether or not to start posting this, but finally bit the bullet. Last year I was diagnosed with anorexia, which I’ve apparently had for most of my adult life. While I’m still very much in the process of recovery (still sort of in the process of even accepting that I may have a problem, actually), I’ve been using a variety of tools to try to wade through the sea of emotional craptasticness that this has unearthed. After I started taking anti-depressants, for months I couldn’t draw. I felt like my hands had been cut off. By starting to work on a story, I was able to focus enough to get my hands moving again (you can see a lot of brilliantly crappy artwork as I work my way out of the slump). I started to find this exercise therapeutic (in conjunction with, you know, actual therapy), as attempting to define my thoughts and actions for the page has forced me to examine them more closely. And on the other side of the coin, regular sequential art is supposedly a much better way to improve your drawing style than just sketching random naked ladies and animals (I swear I keep those two subjects separated most of the time).

I’ve got a decent backlog to work with, so am planning to post weekly. I apologise in advance for any offense as this is a sensitive topic, and my experience is in many ways not typical to other ED sufferers. I can only go with what I know. Being confronted with how many lies I’ve learned to tell to cover up my habits is pretty shocking, so now I’m trying to be honest.

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    If you or someone you love has struggled with an eating disorder or any other form of addiction, I would strongly,...
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    this is a doozy. I have spent the day reading up to comic, oh, 126 I think? excellent authentic stuff
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    Really well-done comic series by someone with an eating disorder.
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    An incredibly brave and unbelievably beautiful comic on what it’s like to have an eating disorder and depression. Those...
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