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I DO NOT HAVE AN EATING DISORDER - Page 100 - TRIGGER WARNING psychiatric treatment

Wow, 100 pages, hard to believe. There are about half a dozen pages here where the linework is really poor quality because I was having trouble sourcing more of the inking pens I usually use. It will get better!

This was my first experience with a psychiatrist, and I can’t help but feel that I would’ve gotten more out of it if I was less freaked out. I unfortunately have a panic trigger on being trapped in rooms or cars with men, so this was not an ideal situation for me. I’m sure he was being perfectly reasonable, but everything felt like an attack. The last thing I wanted to be doing was discussing the intimacies of my mental health and coping strategies with a male stranger who seemed like he wanted to figuratively gut me. Still, I did the best I could with the abilities I had, and I have to give myself credit for that. 

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    This resonates far too much with too many of my experiences with too many psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse...
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    They actually do this on purpose. It’s...keep you from thinking too hard about your...
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  5. kakugori said: Aaaaahh! I hate people that do that creepy sitting too close thing. I actually scooted my chair back. Anyone who purposely doesn’t respect boundaries like that is a big problem.
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  7. jankoraven said: It’s interesting how my experience with my first psychiatrist was so similar in comparison to how caring and welcoming my experience with my main therapist was. :/
  8. aiffe said: Ugh honestly he seems like the wrong person to help you. I’m sorry you didn’t have someone better for you there.
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    good at all. He least picked up on...fact that...
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