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impudentmermaid asked:

Hi there, I know you have a ton of followers so I'm hoping you can spread the word. There is a probable pedophile reblogging "self" pics of underage girls, or girls who look underage. His handle is Caring Bunny. He has been reported to Tumblr, but I'm trying to let people know and contact the girls & women on his blog--mostly the ones who seem like easy prey. He does focus on ladies with low self-esteem, anxiety, eating disorders, & girls who are underage & barely legal. No one over 22 so far.

A timely warning to remember that what you post on the internet is accessible to anyone. Please take care of yourselves. 

Also, I don’t know the laws elsewhere, but here in Australia, emailing, posting online or texting nude or semi-nude photos of yourself if you are underage is illegal. It is illegal to transmit images that portray underage people in a sexual nature, even if they’re pictures of yourself.  Be safe, be aware, and be vigilant. 

All my love, 

Khale xox

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  1. impudentmermaid said: None of them are nude, but he describes them in really disturbing ways. Compares women, but he only calls them girls, to bunnies. Says they are soft. Says looking at young girls is comforting to him. It’s really creepy.
  2. blazingspirit said: The ask doesn’t say anything about nude photos, though…?
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