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It was pretty difficult for my first dietitian to help me because not only did she not have all the information, but I wasn’t particularly motivated to change. It was very easy to see her as an enemy rather than a support. To anyone struggling with finding a dietitian they’re comfortable with, I recommend getting a referral from your GP, or if you’re in a similar position to mine, an Eating Disorders Foundation (I know we have one in Victoria, not sure about other states). They have a list of medical professionals that have experience in treating EDs and will be much better equipped to help than someone who doesn’t quite understand where you’re coming from mentally.

(Warning, next paragraph totally boring and unnecessary for those outside of Aus)

For those in Australia, the laws around mental health care plans have changed significantly, so if you are diagnosed with a mental illness, your GP can give you referrals to a number of other professionals, whose help will be mostly covered by Medicare. The National Depression Initiative, Beyond Blue, offers a lot of helpful information on this process: If you are diagnosed with an eating disorder, you are entitled to discounted visits to your GP, psychologist or counselor, dietitian and possibly a psychiatrist. There will often still be a gap to pay, but the bulk will be borne by Medicare (e.g. you will be refunded ~$55 of an $80 dietitian visit, ~$95 of a $130 psychologist visit, ~$210 of a $290 psychiatrist visit). You can also ask your GP to recommend specialists who bulk bill, though try to understand that your GP will most likely attempt to refer you to practitioners with experience in your area, even if that means paying a gap.

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